Ahmed Hilal

Ahmad Hilal

Ahmad Hilal Abid started a small class with 20 immigrant and refugees students in his home garage. At the start, he named this small class the House of Wisdom. Let’s learn a bit about the House of Wisdom. The House of Wisdom is from the 8th century which was in the city of Baghdad. The House of Wisdom was built by Caliph Haround Al-Rasheed (ruled 786 – 809 CE) as a magnificent library. In the House of Wisdom Christian, Jews, Muslims, and scholars from all around the world did research, study, and translated books. In the House of Wisdom scholars, both male and female from all over the world came together with people such as translators, scientists, scribes, authors, men of letters, writers, authors, copyists, and others who used to meet every day for translation, reading, writing, scribing, discourse, dialogue, and discussion. Also, different languages of that time Arabic, Farsi, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Greek, and Latin spoken at that time and were read. From famous scholars of the time that studied at the House of Wisdom, we can name the father of Algebra Khwarizmi.

Ahmad Hilal Abid strongly believes in diversity, equality, and fairness. He believes that “if we put our hands and minds together and accept our difference, we will be able to restore the House of Wisdom and spread knowledge and love through community and bring people together from different ethnicities and faiths”.